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Approximately 3 – 3,5 years ago we begun our journey for one dream. Unfortunately, during this journey we were left alone, both financially and spiritually. Everybody just come out to only to criticize the club, when everything was good no body stood with us. Today, everyone can see that football club “FC Shkupi” is on a very good track and good things are being done, but finals of success cannot be experienced alone. Expanding and running towards big goals as a club can be done if our supporters, our community, and the people who roots for this club come together. Now, everybody sees that this team deserves the support. Last weekend we played an important match. Sadly, we saw that in that match our stands were empty. Of course, in this case we are not only talking about our fans supports, but we are also talking about loneliness. As it’s mentioned previously, this team deserves every support possible and on a good track. Great supporters of FC Shkupi and its community need to take care of this team. In the next matches, our stands should be full of supporters and also during this battle someone needs ring our door in order ask “How can we stand with you?”. It is time to become a great community. Please do not hesitate to support us during our journey.
With all due respect,
Club Administration


Të ngjashme