Dreams and Challenges: The Path to Greatness for FC Shkupi


Before starting a job, human beings dream about that job and we started this path with dreams about FC Shkupi. Our dreams are not small and we are walking towards these dreams step by step. I hope Allah c.c. If he helps, we will bring the Shkupi football club to the greatness it deserves and we dream of. We will achieve our dreams, because in this mortal world, PEOPLE DIE AND THEIR WORK REMAINS.


Our first dream is to win the championship by ALLAH c.c. granted us. We are currently walking to the second one, but we are having a more challenging season this year than last year. There is a fact that we have a very good team, if they realize their own quality and show their real performance, we will be champions this year too.


Unfortunately, this year, we are experiencing the problems within ourselves rather than our competitors. For the smallest example, we did not say goodbye to the cup on the football field, as the team that went to the championship because of the events caused by others, we have not been able to play on our own field for weeks, and those who caused this call themselves FC Shkupi fans. We know very well that true FC Shkupi fans would not do such a thing and would not hurt or betray the team. From now on, we will do our best to ensure that no one harms the Shkupi team.


We said our dreams, our dreams are not just becoming champion. Our dream is to become a well-known club in Europe and the football world and a club that will make real FC Shkupi fans proud. For this, We have been working very hard for the last four years, be it our colleagues here or our colleagues in the Istanbul office. But we’ve always said that in order to be really big, everyone who cares about this club should come together and put their hands under this heavy stone.


We thank our friends who are and who have been with us. But until now, we regret to say that no one except a few friends have been with us on this road. Of course, we are talking about the spiritual rather than the material here. Some people were saying `they should do anything because they bought the club ` about us. We’ve been doing everything for years already, and it’s evident in what we accomplished. But no one can take this club on their back and take it anywhere. This club is the club of the Cair and this club is the club of those who love FC Shkupi. This is the football club and the hope, joy and sadness of those who love this club. If we care about these people, we should be together. Everyone out there may have opinions and differences of opinion. Despite this, let’s all unite in FC Shkupi and walk this path together. Because that’s how a big club is made, that’s how big dreams are achieved. Togetherness happens when everyone puts their hands under the stone. LET’S WALK TOGETHER on this challenging road to our dreams. Let’s introduce the great FC SHKUPI to football lovers all over the world. Let’s leave a club and a legacy for our children to be proud of. In order to be a club, we have to develop a lot physically. Training facilities are for our children and to raise them with a solid foundation for the future. They need facilities to thrive. We started to work for a good structuring, as the first step, we started to add professionals that we believe will contribute to us, and we will add more. Because, as always, we will continue to do our best so that our club can be strong in every sense. We know that the benefit of this development will be a great contribution not only to FC Shkupi but also to the country’s football. Our dream is a FC SHKUPI playing group matches in Europe. How can a club whose facilities and physical conditions are not good can achieve this or how much can it increase its success? This is exactly what we want to tell. Let’s be together, let’s walk together on this difficult road. Our door is always open to ideas and cooperation that will come to us on this path. And as a final word, this club is for ALL of us.



Kind regards

On behalf of the Club Management